Cassette character sheet for Tales from the Loop

This is our first english post. Yay!

To celebrate this year's #FreeRPGDay we designed some character sheets made to fit on a cassette box for nostalgic people. Although we mainly publish homemade material in spanish, we also wanted the english speakers to enjoy them so... Here you have them! Clic on the image to download.

Cassette sheet for TALES FROM THE LOOP
Cassette sheet for TALES FROM THE LOOP

This material is designed to fit into an DIN A4 paper and not all the printers are capable of such narrow margins so you may need to print it on a bigger paper SRA4 or DIN A3. Also, avoid using other readers than Acrobat. Readers like Foxit or internet browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge may corrupt the format and typo of the PDF form.

This Cassette Character Sheet has been made by Luis Gimeno with no commercial intentions or any other kind of profit than having fun. If you like it, feel free to share this post and spread the Phoenix word!


  1. I made a French version here :

    1. Merci beaucoup! It's fantastic! I'll share it on twitter :D

  2. Thank you so very much for these, they are perfect.
    I fixed a typo or two in the English, and reposted them here:


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